Sunday, 4 November 2007

Hello world....

Well it had to happen. Personally, I blame the Knot. For anyone out there in cyberland scratching their heads right now, let me explain...
The Knot is a fabulous website for wedding obsessed women. Obviously, it helps if you're actually getting married before you become a 'knottie' because otherwise, you'd seem a little creepy and weird. Not only does the Knot offer advice on everything from cakes to in-laws, but it also introduced me to the joy of message boards.

Yep, I'm officially a computer geek. Not only do I regularly 'hang out' on the Destination Wedding board, I've also learnt the craft of 'making a bio' (go HTML!) and I've discovered the fabulous joy of blogs.

You've probably gathered that I'm far from an early adopter. Yeah, if all my friends jumped off a bridge, I'd most likely be next. So now that most of my knottie friends are brilliant bloggers...I thought why not join them?

And here it is. The Sweetest Thing.
A diatribe on anything sweet to me.

That means chocolate, and lots of it.
That means baking- anything sugary.
The trials and tribulations of planning the sweetest day of my life (Fiji, October 2008) and the quest for the perfect wedding cupcake (of course I'm baking it myself).

Plus anything fun, creative, gym related, kiwi or travel obsessed.

Speaking of cupcakes, I'm hungry....

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