Sunday, 18 November 2007

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something green

Our wedding budget doesn't stretch that far, but I've always liked the idea of doing something green for our guests. Of course, being a destination wedding, our guest list's carbon footprint is a pretty big issue to me.
We can't afford to pay to offset the footprint, but we can get stuck in and get our hands dirty.
With the help of a carbon footprint calculator, I've worked out that our guests will create over 100 tonnes of CO2. That equals approximately 144 trees. Lucky we've got 10 months to go huh??
We've signed up to, a really cool tree-planting organisation here in London. We'll be heading down south to plant some trees next weekend, rain, hail or shine. (And with the weather like it is at the moment, I'm thinking it might be a leeeetle cold!)
Wish us luck!

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