Monday, 5 November 2007

I'm choc full of love...

with Choccywoccydoohah. For the name alone, how could I not be? Choccywoccydoodah is an incredible store based in both Brighton in London. I'd never dream of handing my wedding cake baking off to anyone else...unless it was these guys.
I mean anyone who can create cakes covered in chocolate cows, lettuces or flamingoes deserves repect. And their chocolate skulls are just cool with a capital C. They even have a team of chocolate florists, whose sole job is to create flora out of the good stuff.
I fell in love with their tropical cake (covered in wild exotic chocolate flowers and parrots) about a year ago. The chances of me ever getting it to last all the way to Fiji (and for more than 5 seconds once it hits those temperatures) are about zero to none. But hey, a girl can dream.

Check them out at, just be careful not to drool on your keyboard.

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